The SoftPay Digital Wallet Explained

The SoftPay wallet largely eliminates the need to carry a physical wallet by storing all of your payment information securely and compactly. Accept payments for services rendered, as well as receive funds or remittances from friends and family. No need for a bank account with a physical firm or branch, it has been designed for everyone, irrespective of social backgrounds and therefore enables a wider financial inclusion.

You can now send, receive funds and pay any one, with 0 or less charges using the SoftPay Wallet. Because there are many reasons to use your funds, never try to search for a withdraw point again ! the wallet has merchants whom are surely closer to you. Therefore, pay without worrying about your balance.

The SoftPay wallet is constantly updated with new services, in order to make sure, you don't worry about where to use your funds.You will always find a reason to use your money, therefore we enable services that reflect your spending habits.

With its cashback programs, your purchases are not mere purchases anymore.For each engagement towards a service on SoftPay, you are awarded with points. These points shall be converted into real cash, when the conversion threshold is met.

On SoftPay, why wait at traveling agencies, cinema halls, concert outlets or any event check-in, when you can rapidly and simply buy a digital ticket. The SoftPay wallet has an extensive list of tickets sold by many ticket sellers.Your favorite agency,event organizer or cinema cast, may be part of them.

Welcome to financial technology at its best ! join others now ,by downloading the SoftPay wallet for IOS or Android

Our Wallet Features

Download The App From Google's PlayStore Or Apple's AppStore

Add Funds

Add Funds to your wallet using MTN Mobile Money, Orange Money and other listed payment providers.

Transfer Funds

Transfer funds without charges to SoftPay users and non-SoftPay users.

Withdraw Funds

Seamlessly withdraw your funds at anytime of the day.

Buy Tickets

Buy bus, train and event tickets in one place without stress.

Pay Merchants

Pay merchants through multiple methods and get paid for each payment you make to them.

Cashback Promotions

Engage with SoftPay services on a daily bases and receive points that will be converted into real cash.

Pay Tuition Fees (Coming soon)

Your family members and relatives are assured with our tuition payment service. pay anytime and anywhere

Pay Monthly Bills (Coming soon)

Water, Electricity bills, TV subscriptions, etc; can be settled on the wallet.

Mobile E-commerce

Order from Multiple merchants at once, then pick up or get delivered.

Pay For Events And Offers

Pay for entry into any type of event and simply present your event pass at the event venue.

how to start using the wallet?

Download The Wallet

Download The App From Google's PlayStore Or Apple's AppStore

Load Your Wallet

After Creating Your Account, Add Funds To your Wallet.

Send/Receive/Buy Anywhere, With Your Wallet

Go To our SoftPay Business Subscribers Or Any SoftPay Enabled Business And Pay For What You Love.


Join your friends, families, other SoftPay users now and start making the most, out of your funds.