The SoftPay Business Platform Explained

The SoftPay Business platform is technology that helps you manage your organization’s interactions with customers, both current and potential. The system acts as a record of interactions across all your customer-facing touchpoints: organizing, automating and synchronizing them so that you can service all your existing customers and respond quickly to issues and new business.It also enables you to take direct action in response to what your experience data is telling you. This is done through a reporting and notification system that alerts the relevant people about problems or questions, or by closing the loop with customers by contacting them directly, wherever they’ve fed back to you.

It's main focus is on payment processing in all it's forms, based on the products your business offers to its leads, prospects and clients. Pay employees, collaborators, suppliers and other SoftPay users on the fly without stress.

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SoftPay business Features

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Inventory and Services Management

Take advantage of a multitude of tools, designed to add more efficiency in the way you manage your Inventory. SoftPay business ensures that your inventory and sales are always in sync.

Sales Management

Manage every sale your business makes. Receive payments for them through standard payment methods such as MTN Mobile Money, ORANGE Mobile Money, VISA and Master card.

Human Resource Management

Link other SoftPay users to your business account and pay them without stress.SoftPay business makes it possible for each linked account to join your business in selling.

Customer Management (Coming Soon)

Visualize the number of customers you have made and from where they come from, in order to plan marketing campaigns through the marketing center.

Marketing Management (Coming Soon)

Marketing has never been this simple with SoftPay business. Plan campaigns using marketing calenders. Take advantage of the tools present on this center to plan your marketing strategies and implement them through Bulk sms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ads and many other sale channels.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Management (Coming Soon)

Keep track of all your financial statements and reports. Generate documents essential to the legitimacy and health of your business.

Business and Personal Profile Management

Manage your business's profile alongside your personal profile on the system. This will make sure, every document generated by the system carries your information, thus ensuring credibility.

Business Insights and Reporting Management

The SoftPay insights and reporting center will give you all information concerning most aspects of your business. its aim, is to give you a 360 view of your business.

Events Management

Since your business is a dynamic organism, we provide event management tools,so that you keep your clients and leads, up to date with recent business events that they can register for.

Ticketing and Bookings Management

Sell tickets on multiple channels while reducing check-in-time at entry to your business site. This is usually ideal for traveling agencies and cinema halls.

PayForms Management

Use SoftPay business PayForms to sell products, services, tickets and attach events you organize. With a web link, share your forms link to friends, clients and leads.

how to start using the CXM ?


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Demo and OnBoarding

One of our sales men, will process your files and onboard you into the CXM; It usually takes less than 15 mins.


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